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November 06, 2015


"I couldn't Juggle to save myself" she said, I whispered under my breath "if you had to save yourself, you would learn how to juggle pretty quick".

If you had to change, to save yourself, you would probably do that pretty quick too.

Now juggling offers you quite a safe way to learn something new, you think is reasonably difficult, however as you'll find it's quite easy with the right help.

What I'm saying is if you use juggling to learn the principles of doing something new, then learning to juggle three balls gives you the confidence to do whatever you would like to do.

The life principles

Persistence in doing something to the end proving that you can start and complete anything that interests you.

Dropping the balls gives us an ideal way to learn how to work with the mistakes we make, if we don't pick the ball back up it's all over, one of the most important skill to learn in juggling is to pick the balls back up.

Finally the awareness of watching yourself and being aware of the feedback you're getting from what you're doing, so in juggling we watch the balls and they give us feedback to what we need to do on the next throws.


Balance brain balanced body

Professor Raymond Dart the renowned brain researcher says the future lies with the ambidextrous human, Dart recommends using juggling to develop the psycho-physical ambidexterity between the two sides of the brain and the two sides of the body.

 The gear

You know you can pretty much Juggle with anything, rolled up socks, stones, apples, lemons, oranges but you're going to have a better success with something that's specifically made for juggling and that's the juggling ball.

Now you want you're juggling balls to be weighted correctly and of the right size for your hands. We recommend the small Smart juggling balls for kids under 10yrs and anyone over 10yrs the large Smart or Australian made juggling balls.

The guarantee

All the juggling balls we sell we guarantee, if you have any trouble with them please contact us and look here for a good how to juggle program.

Juggling may not ultimately save your life but learning how to juggle might just be the spark you need to get you moving in the direction you've always wanted to go.

Michael Stone
Michael Stone