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Juggling Balls Smart Kids

These Australian made juggling balls are specifically made for kids up to the age of 10. We have put together some juggling ball sets for your easy selection or you may desire to select your own colours one ball at a time. Kids will have better success learning to juggle if they can concentrate on throwing only one colour at a time, plus, they are a good size for little hands.

Its been proven that learning to juggle will boost the brains power, which can help kids enhance their academic and sports performance. In the world of juggling these balls are considered the best juggling balls you can buy.

The material is sewn with the highest quality unbreakable thread, is soft and stretchy, so the balls form to your hands when they come down and the weight is perfect for kids juggling at 100g (think a small apple's weight). The size is a little bigger than that of a golf ball though soft , so they won't roll away when you drop them.

PS. I hear also, juggling is a good way for the kids to have a small break from the computer screen. The juggling balls come with a carry bag and instructions. Buy above. $19.95
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