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Infinity 8 Australian Juggling Ball

The Infinity 8 Panel Juggling Ball is the newest juggling ball produced by Balls For Your Mind. They are available in white and colour and are 130g, a standard weight for an adult juggling ball.

We have put together some Infinity 8 Juggling Balls sets for your easy selection or you may desire to select your own colours one ball at a time. If you juggle or aspire to juggle four or five balls just select more balls.

The Infinity 8 Juggling Balls are sewn with an unbreakable thread, they are soft, stretchy, and nice and round. The Infinity 8 has an internal bag with a traditional millet seed filling which doubles the protection and prolongs the life of the ball.

Each set of three juggling balls, comes with a nylon carry bag.

Buy Above. $54.00 per set of three or $18.00 per ball.