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Juggling Balls Smart Whitetone

We have put together some juggling ball sets for your easy selection or you may desire to select your own three ball set one colour at a time. If you juggle or aspire to juggle four or five balls just select more balls. These new generation juggling balls are rounder, smoother, in an assortment of White and Colour.

The material is sewn with the highest quality unbreakable thread, is soft and stretchy, so the balls form to your hands when they come down and the weight is perfect for juggling at 125g (think a medium apple's weight). The Smart juggling balls have a recycled filling.

The size is around that of a tennis ball though weighted so they won't roll away when you drop them. The juggling balls come with a carry bag and instructions.

Buy above. $29.70 per set of three or $9.90 per ball.

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